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BFTA Champs and Inters Weekend by Andy Winch

The start of the summer season began on April Fools day at Emley Moor near Wakefield. By no means a short trip but broken up with a detour to Ripley to have Richards AR5s serviced.

As both in B grade Richard's score gave him a 5th= in Grade and Andy was = 20th

Next day sunshine but after backing bags and arriving at the ground again, hot drink required and then check in for representing the region. No grades today just do your best and the top 8 scores of each region count, no handicaps or the like either.

Slightly different course this time, the 1st 10 lanes were the last 10 lanes of the day before and 10 new lanes.

Wind not as gusty but changed direction a lot more near the end of the course.

Richard was 2 down with 7 lanes to go and was feeling confident, dropping another 7 in those lanes hurt but this was where the wind was doing doing its thing.

At the same point Andy was 5 down but dropped another 5 by the end and all down to wind. Target 29 being the one of them Richard gave 1/2" outside left edge to find the pellet going straight, despite his windicator and the target string going way out right. For me hardly any string movement and a little flutter on the windicator I was another 1/2" out from what I found was Richards mark to have my pellet land nearly 5" away from the point of aim.

At the end of the day the team finished 7th on 231 points and the NEFTA region finished top on 277. Anything 30 or over was a good score and the only other regional shooter over that was Justin Wood with a 35.

2 week rest now before Andy and Richard are on a day trip this time to Blackbrook near Birmingham.

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