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Indoor Target Shooting


The Shanklin site consists of two indoor ranges along with a lounge/waiting area.

The first range has 2 lanes and is for pistol shooting at either paper targets or steel knock down/spinner targets at a range of 6 yards and can be used by .177 pellet shooters.

The second range has 4 lanes and extends to 25 yards which is used for target shooters with .22 rimfire, or .177, .22 air rifles or pistols.

The range is open every Saturday evening from 5-7pm with onsite parking, we welcome anyone that has an interest in the sport of target shooting no matter what level you might be, if you just want a casual shoot that's fine or should you be more competitive maybe competitions are your thing you will find a wealth of friendly and helpful people at our club to assist you.

CR&P Club holds a firearms certificate to allow its members to shoot .22 rimfire rifles at this range under the watchful and helpful guidance of our qualified range officers and don't worry if you haven't got a rimfire the club has three different ones that you're more than welcome to use, along with our own AirArms S200 pcp for air shooting.

Some people spend as much time chatting in the lounge as they do shooting on the range, but each to their own, and you can do as you please as long as you're safe and courteous.

Please enjoy your shooting sport, and we look forward to meeting you all.

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