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Club Safety Rules



 (ALL Members please sign to show that you have read and understood the rules)


  1. Air weapons must be unloaded at all times.  The only exception is when addressing a designated target at the appointed lane or when bench resting on zero range.

  2. Never load an air weapon before entering the lane or zero range, and never shoot over a person who may be on the lane or zero range.

  3. Multi shot air weapons MUST have the magazine removed when walking around, even if they are not loaded.  The only time a magazine may be loaded/used is when addressing a target within a designated shooting lane or on the zero range.

  4. Always point your air weapon to the sky, or the ground, when walking around. NEVER point your gun at someone, or near someone.

  5. If you hear a whistle, STOP SHOOTING IMMEDIATELY!  If you have loaded, then expel the pellet into the ground immediately.  Two blasts on the whistle means, it is ALL CLEAR, and it is safe to continue.

  6. If you are shooting the Target Course, make sure that your weapon is unloaded, whilst moving between designated lanes.

  7. We do like do like to see junior members with their acquaintances, however, please bear in mind that they are your responsibility.  It is, therefore, up to you to ensure that safe practices are followed.

  8. Never cross the range boundary line, usually bordered by a rope or, other obstacle, unless permitted to do so by the Range Officer, who will blow a whistle to stop all shooting.  This is so that a repair to a malfunctioning target may be undertaken.

If shooting in the indoor range it should be appreciated that all safety rules are applicable.  The Range Officer's instructions are paramount and must be followed at all times.

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