Field Target Winter League

CSFTA FT & HFT Winter League dates

The CSFTA FT & HFT Winter League dates are...

  • 21/10/18 FT IoW

  • 11/11/18 FT North Oxon

  • 25/11/18 FT Bisley

  • 09/12/18 HFT Bisley

  • 16/12/18 FT Buccaneers

  • 06/01/19 FT North Oxon

  • 13/01/19 HFT Basingstoke

  • 03/02/19 HFT Newbury

  • 10/02/19 FT Basingstoke

  • 24/02/19 FT Newbury

  • 03/03/19 HFT Wendover

  • 10/03/19 FT Buccaneers

  • 31/03/19 HFT North Oxon

When Field Target shooting was first developed, targets were indeed situated in fields at varying distances, nowadays it's rare for a club to just shoot on exposed land, the majority of clubs have access to wooded areas similar to us. The advantage of shooting in a woods are targets can be positioned in trees and bushes making it more interesting.


This led to the development of competition shooting for which an organisation called the British Field Target Association was set up. For administrative purposes the country was divided in to 9 regions, Carisbrooke belong to the Central Southern Field Target Association (CSFTA).


Every year the CSFTA administer a winter league where clubs within the regional area can host a competition round. Competitors can take part as an individual if they wish or, as part of the club's team. Traditionally we host the first round with upwards of 50 shooters competing.


Carisbrooke have entered a team almost every year since the competitions inception. Although we haven't brought home any silverware, the shooters do enjoy travelling to the different clubs to compete. Anyone belonging to a club can take part.