Apr 3

Cheap Shooter


Up for sale because he has served his useful purpose is one knackered shooter . one Bazza Warren . very cheap to run , clean . comes from a non smoking family . will bring his own rifle/scope . never damages the paint on the targets . offers in the region of a tenner ??? HOLLY

Sorry Holly, I'm priceless. However, I know someone fit for the scrap heap the rag and bone man might want, come to think of it, the knackers yard might be better.

No way to talk about Melv Bazza . a good man . down on his luck shooting wise . but that is what comes of listening to you , i reckon ??? HOLLY

All right , last chance . £5 for Bazza and a packet of crisps ( ready salted only accepted ) HOLLY

PS does not bite . but lock up the wine .

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  • For sale is my Walther lgu under lever airgun in .177 calibre. A very accurate rifle with minimal recoil, designed with smooth running bearings and tuned internals, a superb air rifle with minimal recoil. The gun has been fitted with an adjustable cheek piece. Less than a tin of pellets have been shot through the rifle since I purchased it new. Unfortunately, I just haven't the time to shoot it, my original intention was to compete in some of the spring gun only competitions. I'm asking a very competitive £375.

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