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My Field Target Blog .


I like to put down my thoughts on the FT i do . so on here you will read of my results and testing .

OK today at the club was good but difficult . a very light wind , kept switching back and forth across the lanes . in the end i decided to up the power slightly to try to make the shots more predictable . next sunday is north oxon . a ground where a good score can be had . we will see ??? HOLLY

Well the plan fell apart on execution sunday . a lack of use of the shutz in a comp and cos i thought it was a gonna be really cold i did not wear my shooting jacket . i was a gonna leave of the shutz for a while . but no i have a cunning plan ??? HOLLY

Bitterly cold at the club today , i was shooting the shutz to get more time in on it . very difficult wind day . ??? HOLLY

Ok after thinking this through i think one of the reasons for my lack of stability in the sitting position is that i s that i am sitting too high with the rifle . gonna try a lower position sunday ??? HOLLY

Well that was a day to forget , shooting wise . i was looking to sit lower for more stability in the air sitting . yeah right . wobble wobble wobble in the wind . hit one miss one . aim out side the kill , miss aim inside the kill miss . Grrrr . i think i may take up tiddly winks like Big Bazza ???? HOLY

Ok in the race for stability before the GP season starts . i have added a thigh rest to the shutz . bit heath robinson at the mo but will sort it properly as i go . wednesday will tell . HOLLY

Well the rest worked well today . needs a few small mods . about 80 % there . it really does make all the difference if you can sit properly ? HOLLY


PS Sreyr out tomorrow . need to remark the side wheel . should be sunny .

It's alright for you retired oldies to mess about when you like, some of us only get a Sunday morning every other week, me jealous, yes

True of course , but like many others i worked from 15 till i was 69 . so yes i now enjoy my retirement . i def recommend it HOLLY

Good day but cold , cold . fingers were going numb early on at the club . sighted the steyr in and marked up the side wheel and sorted my lifts , 10 to 55 yards . myself and melv went out on the course . did about ten lanes . dropped two . the last lane 54 yarder . went out side on the left for wind . but it did not take it . i think much as i did not want to . i am gonna have to make a thigh rest for it . shame cos it has classic looks . but when all is said and done . it is about hitting targets . not looking good HOLLY

Well today we did not look good or hit many targets . a re think was in order . damn cold . our ground in the winter is a grave yard of FT hopes . once the leaves come off the trees and the wind blows , not good . today was one of those . not helped by the fact that the pellets i was using had been oxidised . gun was good over the chrono . running at 775 fps . the thigh rest did not work as it was just to difficult to hold in position . problem is the rifle needs you to be perfectly relaxed with no tension . trouble with that is that you need to confident in your shooting to get that . catch 22 . still towards the end . things started picking up as the day got warmer .tried some express pellets . but as usual around one pellet in 7 would drop out of the kill . onward and upward HOLLY

@David Hollingdale Keep at it and you will get there in the end. Cold here on the main land too, side note Bazza had his Daystate out with a new reg in it and said spot on so he was happy.

@k.pitman50 Yep tried to ring him tonight to find how he got on today . i think as long as it is sorted . that the daystate is the way for him to go . very well balanced rifle and elegant to . it really is too cold for much in the way of practice . i like to do twice around the course . once was all i could manage . wonder how long this cold snap will last HOLLY

OK so stability must now be found in a Gimp Coat . gonna be chilly . may give the H&N Snipers a run out wednesday . the rifle is very stable power wise at 775 in this cold weather . also should get the side wheel back shortly . i had some mods done to it as it every now and then would slip off in the bag , not good . HOLLY

Right bitter cold so a late start tomorrow at the club . the wife wants to get down the club as soon as the weather sorts it's self out and get's warmer . so tomorrow is sorting the wife's Steyr . over the chrono and check the ranges and lifts . couple of hours should do it . have been considering a sightron scope . dunno . very small exit pupil on the sightron . makes it difficult to pick up the target . i will see ??? HOLLY

OK out today at the ground . cold , cold , cold . urgggh . fingers were to cold to load a pellet after an hour . so all i got done really was zero the wife's rifle for 35 yards . have a couple of cups of tea and after two hours go home . i have been cleaning the barrels of my rifles with dry 4 by 2 ( cut to 2 by 2 ) for a while . so to see if the barrels were getting dirtier than usual . i used a wet patch in each . so far so good . each patch came out with an average amount of dirt on it . so i will carry on dry pulling through . the small side wheel came back for the march . with the mod done . and was fitted tonight . bit fiddly but hopefully i won't have to do it again . heavy jumper tomorrow and gimp coat . later start around eleven i think . i am hoping it will be a bit warmer . HOLLY

Much nicer day today . cold but very little wind . gimp coat worn for half of my shooting . there is no doubt that it is better for most of my shooting . the problem now is that my standers have gone down hill using my 2002 shutz . the weight is the problem . when i was working . i was shifting weight all day long . now retired the muscles are not what they were . i am not what i was . so it is back to the steyr . only thing is now . do i put the lupe on it or the march . decisions , decisions . ??? HOLLY

As i have said before , stability is what i seek . to make up for my less than fit frame . so i have added a forward pistol grip . may not look to much . but i am hoping it may add something to my sitters . sunday will tell . weather permitting HOLLY

It does not look promising for tomorrow . very windy . but will have a go anyway . get out the house at least ??? HOLLY

Well i was pleased with that , lousy shooting weather but a good day to test stability . the forward pistol grip seemed to work well . i did not use the gimp coat . as i wanted to see how it would work out naked so to speak . on the long shots and the 15 mil kills it did seem to add something to my shooting . will see how it goes wednesday if the wind drops .HOLLY


PS am i on a roll , or a cheese roll . hmmmmmm .

Ok ready for tomorrow . lupe scope fitted . tomorrow i will try the rifle with the bits fitted and get my ass out on the course with the gimp coat to see what i can do . check the scope lifts and chrono and see how it goes / HOLLY

Interesting day . damn cold . i found i had to much under the Gimp coat , so had to take it off . try again tomorrow . after doing the course . i sat down on the zero range and tried some Exact heavy pellets . 10.03 . slightly less wind on the 55 yarder but not enough to change pellets . i also spent some time checking power settings to see at which speed the pellets group best . normally in air rifles the pellets stabilise and group best at around 800 fps . the BFTA limit is 795 for 8.4s so that is out . but on the steyr i found that 769 gave the best combination of accuracy and windage . talking of windage . very difficult today to judge what to give it . the wind would just stop ??? HOLLY

Too cold again for Gimp coat . so shot around as was . adjusted the forcing cone in the muzzle brake . gotta say this is the best grouping rifle i have used . as said not a great wind fighter . wind was getting stronger by the hour . but no snow or rain . worked on my standers and sitting position . i have bought a pair of golf shoes of flea bay to see if that will stop my feet slipping in the mud . will see how it goes sunday ??? HOLLY

Well no golf shoes yet . so just plain practice tomorrow . gonna be even colder i am told . had a bit of luck winter wear wise yesterday . picked up a british army fish tail parker at a charity shop . better still it was a fiver . well £4.95 actually cos there was five P in one of the pockets . not bad a a good one is £45 up on flea bay . ordered a air cylinder mounted windicator from Rowan Eng . the old one kept snapping . let us hope the snow stays away . onward and upward . ??? HOLLY

Sunday and club day . most enjoyable . course done and shot quite well . got all my standers . tricky wind . confidence coming back as the weather got better today . tried my gimp coat as it was warmer . def better overall . took my forward pistol grip off as really it only helps on steep down hill shots . but i will keep it in my shooting bag , in case i come across a ground with this sort of target . power went up slightly as it got hotter . i am afraid you have to live with that with steyrs . just gotta keep an eye on em . Holly

Well got the Golf shoes today . got no spikes on em just some plastic pimples . so i don't know how good they will be . will give em a try wednesday if poss . blooming stiff that is for sure . stil you cannot really expect a lot for a fiver off flea bay . ??? HOLLY

Well practice tomorrow , not gonna be to good weather wise . so down to club . chech chrono as it was up slightly last sunday and it is a bit warmer . zero range and straight onto the course to hopefully complete the whole course . gimp coat on if it is not raining . HOLLY

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  • Holly and Ian were sitting at the plinking range today shooting at the pigeon at 55 yards. One knocked the head down and the other knocking the head up. I suggested trying it standing up which Holly was all up for. After a about 3 shots Holly shot the head down and said it would be harder to hit it back up. Well - after 2 shots my good old FTP900 found the spot and I think it was the first time I’ve seen Holly stuffed for words although “that was a lucky shot” was finally uttered. Yes - maybe I was fortunate but I felt it was an achievement that had me smiling all the way home.
  • It seems such a long time since the last GP at Purbeck but round 9 at Blackbrook was last weekend. Last chance for me to qualify as I knew I was out of the running for positions in the B grade. Blackbrook is a Shotgun and Airgun club in about 80 acres of lane North East of Birmingham just off the M6 Toll Road. I went up on the Saturday with Richard Green who shot FT at Purbeck and Southampton but wanted to get a 3rd round in to give him a proper grade. Richard shot FT in the 90’s and a regular A grader back then, so really wanted to get and idea of where he might stand. For this round he borrowed Bazza’s Steyr again. Blackbrook had hosted the Inter-Regionals earlier in the year and the comments after that event was that it was a growler with most targets over 47 yards apart from those reducers. I took all that was said with a pinch of salt as the same was said of Tawd Vale but that was again a very enjoyable course. For this round we decided that we would shoot AM and then head back home, having booked nearly 3 weeks ago we could have only guessed on the weather conditions. The forecast during the week was for it to get hot, like really hot. Come Sunday morning, there was some light cloud cover and we left the hotel at 7am hoping for the cloud to stay, however by the time we got to the ground we could see the cloud was burning off very quickly. As the tea van was still being set up Richard and myself decided to walk the course after booking in. It turned out the course we walked was the club course and so our observations of crossed strings and the lengths of the targets on the lanes was not really any good but did give us an idea of what the actual course may look like. By the time we had got back to the tea van, it was up and running so after a breakfast sandwich and a drink before heading for a quick practice session. The ground had been filling up and the temperature was starting to go up as well. After the safety briefing we headed to the course. The wind seemed to come from the right as the course had a right to left direction. The course itself started at the edge of a clearing with the first 3 lanes on the outside edge of the clearing with the targets on the other side. Between lanes 1 and 3 the course had rotated by 90 degrees. These targets had long and medium targets with angles between them. Lanes 4 to 10 carried on through the wooded area with a few slight twists. These targets had various angles and a few up trees, again the targets were not all long but a very good balance of distances. Lane 11 was on the edge of the woods and in the opposite direction with left to right, compared to the Right to Left the rest of the course had. Lanes 12 to 18 ran along a thin strip of trees that had an open area between them and a woodland. This clearing was about 40-45yds wide and the targets placed between the middle far side. After lane 18 you entered what I could only call an oven. This area had been recently cleared and was covered in light brown dead bracken/brambles. The clouds had been burnt off by now and was quite relentless with the heat coming from both the sky and the ground. This open area ran slightly downhill, not steeply but for those right hand shooters you knew your feet were very slightly higher. So what were the scores, top score was a 48 shot in the morning and a 47 in the afternoon. I did a PB for a GP this year with a 38 and Richard a 31. Not bad from Richard considering it was not his rifle and every round had been over 30. For me, I have learnt a bit over the season and hope I can bring this into the CSFTA Winter season which starts in October some 6 weeks away.
  • Rolled up at the Heart of England showground on the Tuesday before the championships to stay with Colin Eaton and his family. Huge ground with a large lake, woods, restaurant, etc. Wednesday was checking guns output to make sure they are legal and bean bags weren't overfilled. The competitors could use the large zero range after this to check their guns although that was a bit hit and miss as the wind was blowing hard. Thursday, 8am, the first session started on the course in the woods. The weather had now turned to very wet and windy. There were three courses, yellow, black and white denoted by the colour of the targets, the lanes were set in one continuous line so you could be on a yellow lane with white and black either side. Excellent layout, not too stupid distances either. Anyway, I experienced problems noting that on day 1 my rifle, which was set up for 785fps, had dropped to 770fps, not too bad but every day this level reduced so that by the last day it was 742fps. My scores plummeted from 36, down to 30 then 26 over the 3 days! Altogether I have no complaints with the venue and set up, even the leaving meal provided in the banqueting suite was good. Shame about my shooting, now to do some testing.

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