Aug 29

Warning , warning .


Gents beware , MEGA PUP is coming . strong men will weep , bazza is already getting his book of excuses out . it is still under construction luckily for you . but soon , very soon . Ohwerrr Mother . ??? HOLLY


PS Look out brothers of the slug . i shall shortly be coming throughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Possibly the ultimate in FT shooting Bazza . yes it is an ugly duckling unlike my good self . we are pushing the boundaries with this . little jack has been on for a trial run but i had to turn him down . it is awaiting some bits including a part or parts you are collecting . so watch this space for further news ??? HOLLY

Different, is that Mel's old stock.


Twas Melv's old stock yes . i swapped it for the hunter wood work on the wifes steyr . which melv is using . i do like to faff about . cannot do it on the GC stocked one . we cannot get hold of the scope riser needed to mount the scope on this rifle . so i have ordered some bits from flea bay and we are gonna make one . gonna make it out of a weaver type rail and some odds and sods . will look like a bin type project . not pretty i am afraid . but it will i hope work well . specially on standers . well that is the plan . HOLLY

ugly duckling for sure, what ever floats your boat but i;m sad to say, your boat has sprung a large leak and sinking fast.

PS, whats happened to the HFT 500, saw you listened in the end and realised you need a new stock for it



There is a saying Keith , " Good Is As Good Does " just the job for a muddy winter league course . the wife has taken a liking to the 500 . she does not do FT just plinks and does standers . so as yet i have not managed to find a FT stock for a 400 series . but will keep an eye out for one > HOLLY

Was going to ask are we ever going to see your long suffering wife on this years winter league, you just answered my question.

No she has some trouble getting up and down , so no . MK2 now done .??? HOLLY


Personally i dont mind pups if done right, yours would look a lot better if you had not cut the stock , just had it going to the end of the cylinder and attach the hamster too the stock, just my thoughts, one mans meat is another mans gravy the saying goes.

maybe not the cylinder, end of chassis instead

Nice bit of dark cherry wood glued to the end would complement that a treat or, in Holly's case, nailed to the end.

Yeah but there wood be hammer marks in the wood where he can't hit the nail on the head. misses like his shooting

Brothers of the slug , low marks for observation . this stock was Melvs . he cut it not me . the whole idea is it is a parts bin special . EG Cheap . £30 so far . that is cheap . it stays as is . ???HOLLY

You can tell him sunday Keith ? ok brief test today off the bench . blooming hell i thought . takes no wind . on checking the power , zero . i found different . oh well . either way grouped well in a bad wind . should have another barrel to try next week . that will be interesting ??? HOLLY

waiting now for the S200 barrel on sunday and the Lifter blocks tuesday ( i hope ) . then perhaps progress can be made ??? HOLLY

CZ Barrel arrived today . which as we know means world domination is around the corner ( or not ) . i had to advise Keith that his daughter should be put on bread and water after her score today . and Big Bazza Scraped two more than me . Melv was given a flogging for his score . rightly so . andy's bum went and he did not turn up . all in all it looks good for some big scores this winter ( although probably not from me ) phil did a beautiful job on the crowningof the barrel . fingers crossed ??? HOLLY


PS Let Her Ripppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Yes, lovely day at Buccaneers, think we put an interesting 40 target course out the Saturday before the event and, with the glorious weather, the day turned out very well.

I thought it was a bit on the hard side myself Bazza ??? HOLLY

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