Feb 11

Top Line FT Scopes ?


Are they all wonderful . well the answer lies in your eyes and your needs . i have lusted after a 80 Mag March , for quite some time . i have never looked through one until this sunday . the reason being that i could not afford one and did not want to end having scope envy . BUT last sunday i was shooting around with a gent with the top of the line 80 Mag March . in silver with the illum ret . £3000 plus luncheon vouchers . so i just had to have a look through it at the end of the shoot . well what i expected i did not get . i was looking for above all brightness . i do like a bright scope . what i got on 40 mag , was a beautiful image . top line clarity . BUT NOT BRIGHT . put this scope in a dark area on a dark black painted target and you would be in trouble ranging it , well i think so . the chap who owned it . very nice fella . said he had trouble on dark targets , he also said that he owned a 5 o 50 by 56 March ( lucky chap ) he said that was a better FT scope . so i am glad i did not sell my lupe in an effort to get a 80 mag . some times what you have , is better that what you lust after . HOLLY

Are this is where you are these days .

Yes Keith , hiding from Colin and bazza . they have this strange idea they are better shots than me . silly boy's . hope all is well at dartford . HOLLY

It's not an idea, we ARE better shooters!

keep taking the pills Barry , i am sure these delusions will pass , given time HOLLY

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