Nov 26, 2018

Target strings ?


I think it is about time we stopped taking the new strings off the targets after our CENTRAL winter league comp . putting the old broken strings back on means that we spend more time reconnecting em than shooting the targets . your thoughts gents ? HOLLY

Dec 31, 2018

Agreed Holly, at this time of year it's annoying to try to repair a broken string by wading through the bog (no not the toilet!)

At the Mo all 40 targets are now operational . only snag is hitting em .??? HOLLY

Holly could do with a coaching lesson then, doubt anyone will live long enough for him to get the hang of hitting a target.

Looks like i will have to give you another good thrashing on the course this sunday Bazza . at North Oxon . to make you see the error of your ways ??? HOLLY

Could you keep the 50 P your gonna give me nice and warm Bazza . as i cannot abide winning cold money in this weather ??? HOLLY

I'm ready to take another nice warm 50p off you Holly.

Steal is the word i would use Bazza . under false pretenses , is another . but have no fear . a reconing is coming i feel ??? HOLLY

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