May 19

Old Rifles ?


There is a school of thought in FT that says , new is best . i like new and pretty . but today i shot my old Anschutz 2002 . at the buccs summer league . i have to say much as i like my gary cane steyr . that old rifle was knocking em down with no drama . it was a real pleasure to shoot the old boy . since the steyr is down at the mo , due to the trigger being sorted . the march is now on the shutz . let us see what the old boy can do ??? HOLLY

I know what you mean Holly, my old Air Arms EV2 was a superb rifle but, the chap who used to service it decided to move on and, looking elsewhere for a suitable service engineer with quotes of £200+, decided it was time to replace it. After all, if the gun was only worth £700 and another £200 for servicing would it be worth £900, no. Therefore, a new replacement was in order which lead to numerous initial problems. Sometimes I wish I still had that EV2.

Steve found a firm in i think sheffield who serviced his pro target for £80 plus post Bazza ??? HOLLY

As you know the rifle was sold on but I did get a member of another club to service it for a drink although he couldn't do proper reg. servicing. Mind you, after seeing what Tony Pond has done to his FTP900, I'm thinking it's easier to replace regulators with an after market item.

If i get some spare dosh bazza i might get a HFT 500 and put a huma reg in it . do like the look of em ??? HOLLY

Must admit I also like them but have been told a batch of them went out, a couple of years ago, with duff barrels, best try before you buy unless you are thinking brand new.

As the man once said , try before buy , no cry ??? HOLLY

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