Nov 5

North OXon this weekend .


Central winter League this sunday . so off we go again . in search of the big scores , or not as the case may be . will let you know how we get on ??? HOLLY

Shame we didn't see one member from N. Oxon attending our club.

Life is a bitch Bazza and then you get beaten by ME ??? HOLLY

I don't wear Gauntlets Bazza ? no i am too busy polishing my Cups ???HOLLY

Thought you were thinking of not going as you got down graded, thinking about it you would not of got that trophy at Frobury otherwise.

Size 36 brassiere cups spring to mind Holly.

No your right Keith , i would have got the A grade trophy ??? HOLLY

Well there were big scores OK but not from carisbrooke . had a lousy start and a good finish . forget that one and on to the buccs . yehawwwww

I started well then had a rough patch in between. I assumed there was a problem with the gun when I noticed a number of misses going low. However, after conferring with my shoot buddy, and the shooters on the next lane, I realised I was under-ranging by about 5 plus yards! I can only assume the cold (9 degrees) affected the scopes ranging. More work needed.

You, me, and Beth had issues then. always seems lane 1 end, she was shooting low, missed a few for her, power okay and managed to figure out hold over for the rest, pity as it was she tied with Holly on 28. Me well, shooting high then realised my Rowan top turret had come loose and never figured out my zero point after that, more pot luck with no luck. put normal turret back on so have to do click chart sunday. all trials and tribulations

That blooming chrono did my head in . it was reading 754 fps , when i went over it . now my rifles is set at 776 fps , need to get to the buccs earlier to use the zero range and shoot myself in a bit ??? HOLLY

I never know which chrono to trust. I have 2 chronos, one reads between 5-10fps below the other. Also, before the shoot on Sunday, I chronoed my Tsar at 790fps max, the one at N. Oxon said 754fps!

Well that one was well out Bazza . it must have been . cos otherwise i would have got none of the minis ??? HOLLY

Funny enough normally the hardest part of the course . around lane twenty . was the easiest ??? HOLLY

New Posts
  • I have an old GC2 , 1987 ( almost as old as Bazza ) what it lacks is a period scope . so today i have bought a BSA Platinum 10X50 By 60 . one of these was my first super scope . first time out at curridge park i shot a 36 ex 40 . so when one came up , i thought why not . so maybe a bit of winter league . can't sink any lower than B grade ( i did not sink , i was chucked ) get back to enjoying my shooting and of course a GP maybe if the Bsa turns out to be any good and if i can still use one . back in the day with my old one . i reckon i could out range a range finder out to 60 yards . we will see . ??? HOLLY
  • Please note the copied message I received from our regional secretary, Rob Farnworth. Hello all, The BFTA held their AGM at the weekend and one of the matters that came up was the cost of the BFTA Card. The price of this has been raised from £3.50 to £5 starting next year. Over the years the region has supported the BFTA with the purchase of the card, mandating it for entry into both the HFT and the FT Winter Leagues. However with the BFTA Grading system not applying to the region anymore, and with less than 20 competing in national BFTA competitions I am aware that the card's perceived value to the region may be not what it once was. A concern might arise about the insurance of shooters in the leagues, however the region mandates that insurance documents are provided to the region’s clubs to ensure continued participation in Winter Leagues, so that aspect is covered in that respect and if need be the region could get it’s own cards printed for around £50 to cover several 100 shooters if a similar card was required to prove shooters were members of clubs. In reality though the BFTA card is rarely used for that purpose. If we consider that we no longer wish to mandate the purchase of the card then a constitution change would be required. This change would require a 2/3rds majority of clubs to agree to a constitution change at the AGM. So this email is to air the subject ahead of time so that representatives can pass their voice back to myself and we can then consider where we go from there with enough time to do so. What I wish to avoid is people realising the price has gone up only when they renew and there not being enough time to do anything about it. The cards we have are valid until the end of March so this won’t affect them or their holders. Those that wish to compete in national FT competitions would still need to purchase them for next season. Kind regards, Rob
  • At the AGM last night i was voted " Best Looking Member " and of course Best Shot . mind you the competition was pretty weak ??? HOLLY PS Shame about you lot .

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