Oct 24

Breathing and the effect it has on your hold .


Well that one published it's self before i was ready . today i was trying ( to keep dry ) and see what effect not stopping breathing when letting off the shot . only had 15 mins on it . but i think breathing through your mouth has some merit . when you are ready to shoot . take three deep breaths to get your lungs up and running . then down to the scope and continue breathing through your mouth but much more shallow breaths . till you are ready to pull the trigger . and as you breath out , squeeze the shot off . worth a try to see if it helps ??? HOLLY

Somewhere is an article on this method of breathing which is associated with 10m standing shooting.


Bazzas level of expertise is holding wine glasses ??? HOLLY

no shame there, you could afford a bottle if you did not waste money searching for that elusive straight shooting gun that takes no wind

Elusive ? i already have the best rifle . it is not messing . it is me filling in time . when you are retired all you have is time . a new rifle or a old rifle fettled ( super pup ) keeps the brain going Keith . you have work , i have rifles ??? HOLLY

True, give you that, got to have something to get up for.

Wednesday . thursday and sunday . are chill days . don't care if is raining . cold . foggy . out we go for a couple of hours and chill . hard to beat . as said after chrismas might go back to archery for wednesday ??? HOLLY

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  • I have an old GC2 , 1987 ( almost as old as Bazza ) what it lacks is a period scope . so today i have bought a BSA Platinum 10X50 By 60 . one of these was my first super scope . first time out at curridge park i shot a 36 ex 40 . so when one came up , i thought why not . so maybe a bit of winter league . can't sink any lower than B grade ( i did not sink , i was chucked ) get back to enjoying my shooting and of course a GP maybe if the Bsa turns out to be any good and if i can still use one . back in the day with my old one . i reckon i could out range a range finder out to 60 yards . we will see . ??? HOLLY
  • Please note the copied message I received from our regional secretary, Rob Farnworth. Hello all, The BFTA held their AGM at the weekend and one of the matters that came up was the cost of the BFTA Card. The price of this has been raised from £3.50 to £5 starting next year. Over the years the region has supported the BFTA with the purchase of the card, mandating it for entry into both the HFT and the FT Winter Leagues. However with the BFTA Grading system not applying to the region anymore, and with less than 20 competing in national BFTA competitions I am aware that the card's perceived value to the region may be not what it once was. A concern might arise about the insurance of shooters in the leagues, however the region mandates that insurance documents are provided to the region’s clubs to ensure continued participation in Winter Leagues, so that aspect is covered in that respect and if need be the region could get it’s own cards printed for around £50 to cover several 100 shooters if a similar card was required to prove shooters were members of clubs. In reality though the BFTA card is rarely used for that purpose. If we consider that we no longer wish to mandate the purchase of the card then a constitution change would be required. This change would require a 2/3rds majority of clubs to agree to a constitution change at the AGM. So this email is to air the subject ahead of time so that representatives can pass their voice back to myself and we can then consider where we go from there with enough time to do so. What I wish to avoid is people realising the price has gone up only when they renew and there not being enough time to do anything about it. The cards we have are valid until the end of March so this won’t affect them or their holders. Those that wish to compete in national FT competitions would still need to purchase them for next season. Kind regards, Rob
  • At the AGM last night i was voted " Best Looking Member " and of course Best Shot . mind you the competition was pretty weak ??? HOLLY PS Shame about you lot .

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